Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Note About This Blog

As I sit here on another NFL Sunday in what is arguably the best time of the sports year, I feel as if I need to start writing about sports for the public, if just for my own sanity.  The boredom of post-graduate unemployment will get the best of any person. I have no journalism background, save that A- I got in high school rhetoric.  But I think I can handle a bit of sports writing, even if it is just opening my brain onto the page.  After all, it's not rocket science, and believe me, I actually know rocket science.

I hope my all-encompassing love of sports will come out in every post.  My goal is to discuss sports through my favorite teams.  The bad news for all of us is that my favorite, the one I live and die by, is the Chicago Cubs.  Luckily, I'll also mention some things about the Blackhawks and the Bulls, and maybe some Bears on the pro level.  Collegiately, I am a Michigan Man.  I'd like to think that I have a great passion for the football team, even through the tough time we are in now.  I do credit Michigan for giving me a deep love for hockey (yes, you , Wings fans). I also want to talk about some of the off-the-field issues that surround sports, like the idiocy of EPSN or the LeBron saga.

I encourage you all to comment frequently.  Hopefully I will be checking the comments on a daily basis and may even start a new conversation with a post based off quality comments. Also, never be afraid to disagree with me.  Those who know me know that I am most passionate when my thoughts are challenged. On the most part, I am open to all arguments and love hearing about an issue in another light.  I leave you with this picture, because it is what made my summer and is also my man crush with the best trophy in sports.