Monday, May 30, 2011

Tressel Era is Done at tUoOSU

I didn't think a day off could get much better. The sun is out in here Southern Maryland, plus I got to sleep in. But then I woke up to the news that Michigan-destroyer Jim Tressel resigned as head coach of Ohio State.  This is truly tremendous news for all Michigan fans. However, the news of Tressel's resignation is just the tip of the iceberg on the whole scandal.

-I can't wait for OSU fans to paint Tressel as some sort of martyr.  The fact that he resigned and wasn't removed  by the NCAA or fired will just fuel their beliefs that Tressel was a stand-up guy who just got caught by the haters.  No school can but the blinders on like Ohio State.

-This news cannot have ANY impact on the investigation of the school.  Although the (supposed) source of the violations is now gone, the way the whole violation story broke clearly showed that the entire athletic department is flawed.  OSU should have victories and/or scholarships removed, be put on probation, and maybe even have a short bowl ban.  The NCAA must unravel the whole thing, including the tattoos and the cars.  For USC to receive a 2 year bowl ban and OSU to only get a 5 game suspension shows why the NCAA is one of the more hypocritical organizations in sports. For more insight, see the past week's episode of South Park.

-This firing is fantastic for Michigan.  There have not been many coaches that owned the Blue like Tressel did.  His 9-1 record against the Wolverines had all Michigan fans yearning for the days of John Cooper.  Now that the vest is gone, Michigan MUST MUST MUST start its own winning record against whoever the new coach  is. No game will be bigger than the Game in 2011.  It would be really bad for tUoOSU to continue their win streak against Michigan.  The taunting will be 10 times worse in the Post-Tressel era.

Don't get me wrong. I couldn't be happier that Jim Tressel is no more. Maybe it is just the Cubs fan in me that looks to the other side so soon.  Great stories pretty much always come with stipulations. Either way, it's a great day in Ann Arbor and it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine.