Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reestablishing Random Thoughts

Hello faithful readers. My apologies for my blogging hiatus. Life got pretty busy since my last post and I am now working full-time at a naval base in southern Maryland.  I haven't really had anyone to rant to about sports. But enough about me.  Here are some bulleted items that have occurred since the new year started and I need to discuss.

-First off, this whole Jim Tressel thing has me sick.  It it ridiculous that the NCAA hasn't come down and come down hard.  I suppose there is a whole investigation to go through, but it the evidence is there. There is the email that made Tressel aware and the whole press conference where he admitted it.  While a the death penalty is a bit much, the NCAA needs to punish the university, not just players and its coach.  I know they report absolutely everything, but tUoOSU has the most self-reported violations in the country.  There was a rules violation that resulted in the firing of their b-ball coach Jim O'Brien in 2004, as well as the whole Maurice Clarett situation at the beginning of Tressel's tenure.  USC gets a 2 year bowl ban because of the action of one player (well 2, but O.J. Mayo was on the basketball team.)  OSU has 5 players suspended for 5 games for violations and their coach covers it up...and all they get is that 5 game suspension? And for games against the MAC, MSU, and the crap of college football (also, how lucky does Sparty get in football? Good thing they pretty much always choke it away).  The comments of OSU president E. Gordon Gee that Tressel had no chance of being fired just shows the hypocrisy of the NCAA. There are opportunities to make an example of a premiere program and this is one. "But you're a Michigan fan, you hate OSU and aren't you guys on probation too and then there was that whole Fab Five thing."  All true.  But UM is on probation for something every team does (minor, but then again the NCAA made an example and set precedent.)  The Fab Five thing was a big deal, but the NCAA slammed Michigan and we are just now emerging from that punishment.  Basically, the double standard of the NCAA is awful and will lead to so many future issues.

-March Madness is upon us, and my bracket is (of course) shot to hell.  While my championship game, Kansas over UConn, is intact, I lost every sweet 16 team in the southeast region and UConn is losing as we speak. It's still the best time of the year. Michigan looked outstanding against a Tennessee team that gave up halfway through the second half.  While I am not the biggest fan of the three point based Beilein offense, it is alot of fun to watch when it is clicking. I have them over Duke tomorrow and I truly think they will give the Blue Devils a run for their money.  Morgan has to stay out of foul trouble and we have to go at least 35% from behind the arc to win, but those are both definite possibilities.

-My post about the Cubs offseason plans pretty much came true (I'll be going for Hendry's job when he gets canned after this year). They signed Carlos Pena and his sub-.200 batting average to pound home runs onto Sheffield Ave. They reacquired Kerry Wood, who I always have a special place in my heart for and may replace the late Ron Santo once he retires.  Their other big move was the trade for Matt Garza.  I can't really analyze this trade until the end of this year.  He isn't the ace the Cubs needed, but is a solid 2 or 3 starter than can eat innings and get about 12 to 14 wins.  The Cubs gave up their top pitching prospect, Chris Archer, and other higher ranked players to get him.  This could be a great move by Hendry and Garza could have a solid year, or he can totally bust and Hendry gets fired.  The move really followed the acquisition of Zach Grienke by the Brewers, who are the second best team in the NL Central after the Cardinals lost Adam Wainwright for the year.  Hendry wants to give the appearance that the Cubs are contenders, which they're not. Honestly, I would be totally fine if he came out and said that the Cubs would spend the next year or two rebuilding.  I would still watch and cheer, as they are my favorite team in my favorite sport.  I will do a post next week on the MLB 2011 season and opening day, along with my predictions for each division and the World Series (hint, the winner is a team with unbelievable pitching)

I'm out. I promise to update at least every week.  Post something on Facebook if you want to have me talk about something specific. It's easier to bounce my opinions off of other people.  Oh, and let me know if you want to play fantasy baseball.

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